Kristin Kirkner is a Board Certified Specialist (BCS) in Family and Marital Law

Kristin R.H. Kirkner earned the Board Certification in Family and Marital Law in May 2014. She was one of only 73 attorneys in the entire State of Florida were awarded this elite certification, and only 8 attorneys were named Board Certified in Family & Marital Law.

There is no official count on how many attorneys took the exam but it is estimated that approximately 100 attorneys took the exam for the Family & Marital Law area of expertise.  Check out the full article as posted on the Florida Bar’s website.

If you are in the Tampa area, Kristin R.H. Kirkner should be your first call for all of your family and marital law needs. She is an expert in her field, and will help ensure your assets are protected.

Collaborative Practice

Collaborative Practice is an alternative to traditional divorce proceedings that does not involve the courts or magistrates. As a member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals we are part of an elite group of over 5,000 members worldwide who are dedicated to resolving conflict in partnership with you, your spouse or partner and their attorney and Collaborative team.

Collaborative Practice is becoming more and more popular because it often provides faster resolution than traditional divorce proceedings that involve the courts, and in many cases becomes less expensive.

If you are considering a divorce and feel that you and your partner could amicably resolve conflict outside of the courts, Collaborative Practice might be right for you. Learn more about Collaborative Practice here.

Florida’s Top 10 Family Law Attorneys Under the Age of 40

Looking for the best divorce attorney in the Tampa area? Kristin R.H. Kirkner has just been named one of Florida’s Top 10 Family Law attorneys under the age of 40. Read the about their big announcement and find out if Kirkner Family Law Group can help provide your family legal services.

The National Academy of Family Law Attorneys has created a thorough selection process to save consumers the leg work of researching qualified, experienced, ethical and well respected family law attorneys.

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military divorce Military Divorce

We understand the unique difficulties faced by military families and the complexities of Military Divorce. 

Kristin Kirkner‘s experiences as a military spouse make her particularly well suited to help the firm’s clients — whether a service member, spouse or former spouse—deal with complex matters in a divorce involving a service member.  

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divorced couple Divorce & Family Law

Our attorneys focus on your family’s best interest.

We understand the difficulties that you are facing and we remain sensitive to your needs. Our experience, individualized attention and creative problem solving help you attain the best resolution for you and your family.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Military Divorce

Who has jurisdiction over my divorce? What if I’m deployed during my divorce proceedings? Does Florida have jurisdiction over my divorce? Can my spouse keep TriCare after we get divorced? Find the answers in our Military Divorce FAQ blog post.

What kind of military clients do you work with?
Whether a service member, spouse or former spouse, there are complex matters in a divorce involving a service member. Whether active or retired, or a member of the National Guard or reserves, no matter where you are located in the world, we can assist you with your legal situation via webcam, phone or email.
What are the common steps in Florida divorce?
Divorce is a complex matter. The divorce process typically follows one of the paths depicted in the divorce infographic we’ve provided here, to help give you an idea of the the different paths the divorce process may take.
Do I really need a divorce attorney?
In today’s economic climate, it may be tempting to try to complete a dissolution of marriage on your own. You know your family, your assets and debt, and you know how you want it divided. Sounds easy, right? Not so fast… here are a few things to consider with DIY divorce.

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On December 22, 2017, President Donald Trump signed the new tax bill into law. While, on its face, H.R.1, known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, appears to haveno correlation with family law, the new tax law actually includes terms relating to alimony, specifically,...

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Modification of Child Support

Generally, child support is a noncustodial parent’s obligation to support a child until he reaches age 18, graduates from high school, or is otherwise emancipated. A child can be emancipated through a statutory process by entering the military service or by getting married.

Property Division in Florida Divorce

One important factor in property division is the date of valuation of the spouses’ assets and liabilities for purposes of dividing marital property. The courts must consider the date of valuation in order to establish a consistent basis for determining a fair distribution of marital property.

Modification of Child Custody

If subsequent to the time a court awarded joint or sole legal custody to a parent, the parent becomes unfit to have custody of the child, a court will not hesitate to modify custody. There are various reasons for finding parents, or a parent, to be unfit to have the care and custody of a minor child.

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